“Using only ex cathedra gets the audience drunk…

even with nicely designed powerpoints”.

(A.Z. Project Manager)

For a conference to become interactive, it is important that participants get moving, not only in their thoughts, but also in dialogues and especially if possible by getting up and interacting.

For this reason, the ex cathedra (during introduction) is not the only modality used : the Action Methods according to J.L. Moreno are used in an interactive conference and bring a multitude of techniques, a multitude of ways and means, constructed and constructive.
This methodology, which includes ex cathedra moments, facilitates the dynamic energizing interactivity and the playful and intense involvement of the conference.

During an interactive conference

Action Methods

according to J.L. Moreno


the passivity of the audience

in a pro-activity of the participants

Laurent Fontaine’s article gives you an overview

of openings and closures,in action, of a symposium:

“Action Methods for Opening and Closing a Symposium”

(to read the article, click here)

Here you are in 2 min.16 an overview

of what J.L. Moreno’s method allows during a symposium including conferences, workshops, and plenary sessions.