Norbert APTER, Harvard (M.Ed.)

Post graduate trainer of trainers

Humanistic psychotherapist

Facilitator of Dynamic Intelligences

Institute ODeF Director

Since 1988, in more than 25 countries

Primary function :

To facilitate the dynamization of Intelligences by the Action Methods according to J.L. Moreno, i. e.:

  • that each one makes use of (and in various ways) his or her Multiple Intelligence
  • and that everyone, the group, the team and the company benefit from Collective Intelligence

Activate Intelligences!

Through the theory and methodology underlying them, the Humanistic Action Methods make it possible to activate at the strategic, relational and operational levels

  • The Multiple Intelligence of each person
  • The Collective Intelligence of all

Thus put back at the centre, the human factor (re)becomes a key asset, bringing stability, agility, efficiency and, consequently, the company’s growth.


Taking care of your teams

You want to pay attention to tensions, improve the climate of work and increase active collaboration.
You are looking to produce a collective efficiency greater than the sum of individual efficiencies.

Increase the skills of each individual

You want to enrich everyone’s relational and operational skills, increase the ease and quality of individual work, and thus promote collective growth.

Maximize the use of action in your practice

You know that action speaks louder, and that spontaneity and creativity can thus be revealed. You would like to broaden its potential and effectiveness through a complete and secure methodology (that of J.L. Moreno)

Solve more personal problems

  • You do not feel well in (some aspects of) your life.
  • You are tired of some of your behaviors and/or recurring attitudes.
  • You want to remedy this and regain power over yourself and your life.