Is the atmosphere stormy?


When tensions prevail, communication becomes more and more epidermal and unsuccessful. Suffering is gradually taking over.

Listening to warning signals, for example:

  • the loss of meaning,
  • defensive-aggressive positioning
  • power games, “clans”
  • rumours,
  • verbal slippages, explosions,
  • implosions (including absenteeism, burn-out…),
  • repetitive incidents,
  • increasingly noticeable “fed up”, etc..

These are all calls for help..
The vicious circle of “war” is on its way.

Don’t get mistaken;time solves nothing on its own

Conflictual tension rate

Between 7 and 10
(on a scale of 1 to 10).

Suffering is set in motion

The feeling of helplessness and the accumulation of calls for help nourish the epidermal aspect of communication.

There is an urgent need for action

Put all the protagonists together and offer them a facilitated alternative to conflict.

Team Mediation

As an alternative to conflict, Team Mediation is the facilitation (by a trained/experienced third party) of a difficult process of dialogue and interaction.
This complex process aims to:

  • the reduction of the rate of conflictual tension
  • the progressive transformation of relational dynamics
  • the emergence of realistic and applicable alternatives, developed and agreed by stakeholders.


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