How to manage stress? Relationships? Difficulties at the work place?

How to maximize resources? Get fully involved? Prevent burnout?

In other words, what can we do to be satisfied and really satisfy?


For everyone, it is more than useful to have regular moments of reflection facilitated by a professional. It is even necessary.

Especially since this “reflecting and facilitating mirror” is one of the best ways to progress.

Take a professional step back facilitated by someone in order to:

  • position oneself “out of pressure”;
  • establish constructive relationships with “difficult customers”, colleagues, the company;
  • clarify various aspects of one’s profession and more specifically one’s role;
  • disentangle personal problems from professional problems;
  • elaborate a satisfying work-life balance
  • find professional options in hectic situations;
  • (re)define oneself professionally;
  • renew one’s practice, one’s way of being and doing.