Putting into action rather than ‘just’ talking about!

By combining the way of being (as defined by Carl R. Rogers) and the methodology of J.L. Moreno, humanistic psychodrama offers the possibility of active psycho-corporal psychotherapy.

Individual consultations

Individual consultations are for people over 16 years of age.

Group sessions

Group sessions are for people over 21 years of age.

What is psychodrama (individual or group)?

“(…) Psychodrama is a method of psychotherapy, which, by staging the person’s universe, aims to enable profound change. Moreno considers that interaction (verbal and non-verbal) is the “royal road” to activating change. This is why he created an ‘exploration and scientific’ movement of the psyche through psychodrama, which makes it possible to diagnose, evaluate and carry out treatments in various therapeutic settings. Real, fictional or semi-fictional situations are represented. These situations can be from the past, present or even future. Everyone can play the various people (present or absent) in a situation. Everyone can embody an emotion, a thought or a value etc. (…) and give body and voice to animals, objects, abstractions etc. Sometimes even, “God” is played.”

Relationship and Action Journal. Humanist Methods of Action and Psychodrama

Excerpt from: "Show me: Moreno's method"

What is the humanist psychodrama group?

The Humanistic psychodrama, in a psychotherapeutic setting, is a group therapeutic method, allowing individual psychotherapy in a (setting) group format. In this space, each participant is led to work on his relationship to himself, to others and to the world.

The term “psycho” means the psyche and « drama », in this context, means in action. In other words, in addition to talking about the difficulties brought by patients, we will represent them. Playing these situations allows you to express yourself beyond words and gives you ample access to non-verbal communication (intonations, movements, positions, silences, feelings…) as well as to symbolism.. The objective of these scenarios is to highlight the dynamics present in oneself and between the people involved in the situation under discussion and to identify the nodes.

To do this, no knowledge or theatrical experience is required.

Relationship and Action Journal. Humanist Methods of Action and Psychodrama

Excerpt from: "The Humanist Psychodrama Group" (article in French)

Non-medical psychotherapy, recognized at the Swiss Federal level.

(Partial) coverage by some Swiss “complementary insurances” (check your contract).