Since 1994, when the ODeF Institute was opened, Norbert Apter has been its director and all his activities (except for psychotherapy) have been carried out with the Institute’s team. The development, creativity and effectiveness of the Institute most certainly flow from .


He has a great pleasure in work on it, which comes from the equilibrium sought, in the internal and external functioning of the ODeF team, between the two key dimensions of any professional activity, namely Tasks and Relationships.


The development, creativity and effectiveness of the Institute most certainly flow from it,


  • not only the experience and competence of each person who works there,
  • but also and above all from this balance (Tasks-Relations) constantly renewed both within the team and in its external professional relations.

A triple specialization on…

  • Humanistic Action Methods according to J.L. Moreno
  • Groups and teams
  • Interpersonal Relationships

At the service of

  • employees
  • executives and top managers
  • teams
  • elected officials

Specialist (and pioneer) in J.L. Moreno’s method in French-speaking Switzerland

J.L. Moreno Moreno created in the 1920s the Humanistic Action Methods and Psychodrama  whose motto is “to put into action, rather than to talk about”.

This is the fundamental option of the ODeF Institute and therefore governs the facilitation of any workshop, seminar, course, conference, or any supervision, coaching, or Team facilitation or mediation that Norbert Apter performs. It is an interactive, dense and playful, elaborate, constructive, and secure method.

Since the end of the 1980s, Norbert Apter has been developing Humanistic Action Methods and Psychodrama in French-speaking Switzerland:


  • not only by using Psychodrama daily in his psychotherapy practice and Action Methods in institutions, companies, humanitarian and/or international organizations…
  • but also and above all (new in Switzerland) by setting up accredited training courses in humanist Action Methods and Psychodrama until 2017…

Group and team expert

Specialist in groups and teams, Norbert Apter has developed his skills around themes that facilitate co-construction, such as:

  • facilitating group dynamics
  • establishing one’s leadership
  • co-developing a long-term vision
  • maximizing the complementarity of talent
  • clarifying roles, functions and responsibilities
  • ensuring the effectiveness of reasonable procedures
  • setting up reinforcement systems

Interpersonal Relationship Specialist

Thanks to his background in psychology, he is also a specialist in interpersonal relationships.
In this way, he contributes to the team climate through his skills in areas such as:

  • facilitating the fluidity of interpersonal relationships within the company
  • supporting change(s)
  • accompany the change(s)
  • managing stress
  • (re-)motivating professionals and teams
  • allying a way of being and a way of doing things
  • managing difficult personalities
  • solving interpersonal problems
  • transforming conflicts

in particular by proposing actions of:

  • tailor-made training
  • team supervision/coaching
  • TeamCaring
  • TeamBuilding
  • Team Mediation