Active in several Swiss and European associations.


In the Person-Centered Approach

1988 – present : regular activity as a psychotherapist, supervisor and recognised trainer, including since 1996 with pca.acp pca.acp (Swiss Society for the Person-Centered Approach).


In Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine

2000 – present :regular activity as a supervisor and trainer recognized by the Association Romande de l’ASMPP ASMPP (Swiss Academy for Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine).


In Psychodrama and Methods of Action

2000 – 2017 : Certifying training in Psychodrama (1’360h).

Together with Swiss German colleagues from PDH PDH, Norbert Apter was able to have the imap, a department of the Institute ODeF (Institute of Specialisation in Humanist Psychodrama) recognised by:

  • the FSP Swiss Federation of Psychologists, in 2011, thus facilitating the accession of students to the title of FSP Psychologist specialising in humanistic psychotherapy with an emphasis on psychodrama.

n 2017, the ODeF Institute decided not to pursue the federal accreditation process for training institutes in psychotherapy i.e.

2008 – present : the ODeF Institute, member of the FEPTO, European and Mediterranean Federation of Psychodrama (and Methods of Action) Training Organisations.

Norbert Apter had several functions:

  • 2008 – present: delegate, representative of the Institut ODeF in the FEPTO Annual Meetings
  • 2008- present: member of the FEPTO International Trainers’ Intervision Group (Matrix)
  • 2009 – 2016: member of the FEPTO Task Force for Conflict Resolution
  • 2011 et 2013: elected by the Assembly of Delegates as a Member of the FEPTO Board
  • 2011 et 2013: appointed by the FEPTO Board as the President of the FEPTO Development Committee